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Beyond The Front Door provides exceptional services for residential and commercial interior design, model homes, kitchens & bath, remodels, interior space planning, interior hard and soft surfaces selections, color selections, selection and specification of furnishings, finish, custom furniture, art, lighting, area rugs, accessories and window treatments.


In addition we  maintain the latest products from a large library of materials that our interior designers use to converse design ideas for the client.  The tactile nature of materials is essential for communication for each  interior design project.




Assessment of client needs is done through program review, job site visits, evaluation of architect and designer plans and/or interviews of appropriate parties. All data is employed as the project moves into the design phase.


Product Specifications


These are developed through manufacturer specifications on standard and custom products and drawings. The design staff has an extensive range of vendors to work with and can recommend product alternatives. Complete specification and bid documents can be provided as required by the project.







Technical Support


Complete plans, drawings and specifications and any revisions to these items are provided to the client, as well as the installation team. Design staff takes into account ADA accessibility requirements and other technical requirements in their designs and specifications. Staff is also available to consult with clients in regard to any technical issue in the furniture plan that they may be concerned with.


Estimating and Budgeting


Initial quotations can be provided for budget purposes based in input for the client. Staff is available both in the design and the consulting phase to suggest product alternatives that help a project to stay within a set budget. Revised quotations will be provided as the project moves through the revision stages.


Product Procurement


With an extensive network of over 75 vendors, Beyond The Front Door interior design provides product procurement from sources both domestically and internationally. Products are available for Residential, Commercial and Hospitality.


Project Management


The project management role ensures that orders are executed by vendors as specified and the delivery schedules are adhered to and thoroughly communicated. In addition, the Project Associate is responsible for coordinating delivery and installation of each project and ensures that any follow up needs are completed at the end of a project. Constant communication is maintained with all parties.




Depending upon the complexity and the nature of the job site deliveries may either be consolidated at a warehouse or delivered directly to the job site. If the shipment is sent directly to the job site, an installation crew will be assigned to meet the truck at the site.




Using a nationwide network of installation crews, we recommend quality teams who have a thorough understanding of the products that they are installing. They provide professional service from project start to finish.




If a project is rather complex and being delivered by multiple vendors, or a job site is not ready for installation at the appropriate time, Beyond The Front Door interior design can secure warehousing for the product until the site is available.


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